Barrier Reef Jumping Castles
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Barrier Reef Jumping Castles

Gladiator Game

Gladiator Game is great fun for all ages from 5y/o up . We use this game at many events from vacation care to bucks nights . It's a very competitive game between the 2 players , with one player having to get the other off the pedistal .This game is usually run as a 3 point match with the winner staying on.

The Dart Ball Game

Kick or throw the ball to hit the inflatable dart board, velcro will hold it in place so you can see who has the best aim. Kids of all ages can enjoy challenging their friends to see who can hit the bullseye. The Dart Ball Game comes in two sizes: the standard size measures 2m x 2m or the Mega Dart Board measures 4m x 4m. They come with special Tennis Balls, Foot Balls, and Soccer Balls. The Dart Ball Game is extremely versatile and can be played using regular dart game rules, or you can make up your own!

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