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Do the castles need to be supervised?
Yes, our equipment needs to be supervised at all times by a adult 18 years or older. If there isn't an adult on hand to supervise BRJC are more than happy to provide one of our friendly crew to supervise at an additional cost.

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, we have a $20 million public liability insurance. A Certificate for Public Liability can be provided Upon accepting a Quote.

What happens in bad weather?
Unfortunately our equipment can't be used in wet weather. We monitor the weather closely leading up to your event. If inclement weather is expected we may have to cancel or postpone your hire. 

What happens if it rains during my hire time?
If unexpected rain does occur during your hire time, we ask that all children/adults be safely evacuated from the inflatable first and that the power is switched off at the source an unplugged. If safe to do so, please remove or protect the blower from the weather. When conditions are deemed suitable again by a BRJC representivtive the equipment may be re-inflated.

What happens in windy conditions?
Safety is our biggest concern, With every hire we will provide a hand held anemometer (wind gauge) and a log sheet. One of our crew will guide you through how to use the wind gauge (don't worry, its very easy). A BRJC representitive will monitor the weather closely and will will advise if strong winds are expected.

Is set up and pack down apart of my hire time?
No, a BRJC crew member will be onsite well before your hire time to have everything setup and ready to go before your event starts we will return at the end of your hire time to pack up and remove the equipment.

What is not allowed on the inflatables?
No shoes, jewellery, sharp objects, food or drink and wet face paints are not allowed on any of the inflatables, these things can damage the equipment and make it very hard to clean or repair. As much as we all love our furry friends, we also ask that you never allow them on the equipment. It puts the Children and Animals at a very high potential for injury.

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