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Please carefully read the following information before hiring any of our equipment


Power Source

All our equipment needs to have access to 10amp (household) power within 30m. This means directly into a power socket, or 1 single extension lead which we provide. The equipment cannot be plugged into power boards or linked to multiple extension leads. Some of our larger inflatables will require 2 separate plugs due to being powered by 2 blowers. If this isn’t available, we can provide a generator at an extra cost.


Hard Surface Areas

Our inflatables cant be used on hard services like concrete unless the following is available.

  • The surface in question is in a fully enclosed building that protects the inflatable from wind.

  • Or there a heavy enough items that the points can be secured to. Each point on our inflatables is required to be secured to a minimum of 160kg as per the Australian Standards. For example, Jurassic Park has 9 points therefore a total of 1440kg of weight is needed.


Ground Surfaces

The ideal surface for our inflatables is grass where we can secure the inflatable with pegs. We can secure on dirt but will need to know ahead of time so that we can make sure we bring a tarp to protect the base of the inflatable.

The ground also needs to be flat and level; we cannot set up on a slope or a hill.


Underground Services

Due to the need to use pegs to secure the inflatables, where possible please inform us of any underground services within the site location, we do our best to avoid them, but we take no responsibility to any damage if the lessee is unable to tell us where services lie.


Vehicle Access

Due to the weight and size of our larger inflatables we are unable to carry or trolley them (with the exception of our smaller Standard Castles). Therefore, we do require vehicle access directly to the site of where the inflatable is wanting to be set up.



Please measure the area in which you would like the inflatable set up to ensure it will fit. Our slides in particular have rope stays that come down from the top on a 45-degree angle to stabilize the slide so there needs to be enough space to allow for these. We also need about 1.5m of clear space around all sides of the inflatable to avoid damage and to allow for movement when jumping.


Set up and pack down times

Set up and pack down of the inflatable does not interfere with your hired time frame. We make sure we are there before your event to set up and we arrive after your hire time to pack up. We do ask however that you read carefully in your booking terms about the arrival times to ensure that someone is on site when we arrive to let us in and sign all the necessary paperwork.

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